Poconos Vacation 2003

In August of 2003, we went up to the Poconos for a Labor Day vacation. We stayed at the Pine Knob Inn. These are the pictures we brought back.
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When here horse started to trot up the field, her hat flew off. This is when she just got it back.
This was one of the few paths we traveled that was NOT littered with rocks and mud. I am sure the horse (Celtic) is pretty happy.
I like this picture. It is when were were in a large field where the guide let us trot our horses. After riding through the woods for an hour, it was nice be in the open field.
This was a nice relaxing stream and Alli seems to be enjoying the scenery.
Hi Alli!
The place where we went horseback riding was nice because we were able to ride the horses on our own. We were not in a "horse train" where we simply sit on a horse and it goes. The guide let us trot and gallop along with taking our horses down many trails.
This is the cottage we stayed at when in the Poconos. It was really relaxing. There were no phones, computers, televisions, radios, etc.
This stream was across the street from the inn.
This house was next door to the Pine Knob Inn. We believe it was empty. Alli thought it was kinda spooky.
From the pool, you cross the these gates to head down to the stream.
While driving up to go horseback riding, we stopped to take pictures of a couple of deer. The deer ran away so Alli shot the local farm kitty.
I like this picture because both the close up and far view are in focus. Kind of interesting depth.
Next door to the Pine Knobb Inn was an empty house with a big field. Scattered around the field were large rocks.
Garrett near the stream.
This is the Gazebo located in front of the Pine Knobb Inn. We never went in it, but still, it is nice to look at.
My horse could be a pain at times. He was only on the ranch for 6 months. Before that, he belonged to an Amish family who pampered him. Now he has to work for a living, so at times, he was temperamental.
Nice flowers outside our cottage.
This is the view of the Pine Knob Inn from across the street.
This is another view of the Pine Knob Inn from under the front tree.
The nice thing about the Pine Knob was that breakfast and dinner was included in the price of our room (and the food was really good).
Compared to Hoboken, the entire area was clean and fresh. This the north view of the street leading to our Inn.
Nice picture of the stream. Very calming.
There were supposed to be fish in this stream. We never saw them.
Being down at the stream was very relaxing.
The Pine Knob Inn had a pool. Unfortunately, there was a storm the day before, so it was full of leaves.
Another view of our cottage.
We thought this was interesting. In the middle of this pond was an "island" of dead plants and trees.
An interesting Billboard on the way to the Inn.
This is Alli's favorite shot from the trip.