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Garrett Casey

I grew up in Solana Beach, CA. My wife, Alara, and I moved to Hoboken, NJ in 2002. We love Hoboken but we hate the weather, even after all these years.

Temperature comparison. Source: WolframAlpha.com

I have always tried to be an analytical person. In the early 90s, I banked blackjack at a San Diego Indian Casino. I also learned to count cards. I later supplemented my income by playing limit hold'em poker at Ocean's Eleven Casino.

I have been programming computers since 1993. I started by teaching myself dBasic, FoxPro, and a couple other languages. After I got my first Internet account in 1994, I taught myself perl, SQL, FreeBSD, and Apache web servers. I majored in Computer Science at UCSD, but I left as a junior to focus on work.

A partner and I started WebSideStory in 1996. Our service provided statistical analysis of traffic going to web sites. Unfortunately, the partnership didn't last. I accepted a buyout offer in 1998. WebSideStory eventually went public and it is now part of Adobe Systems.

In 1999, a friend and I developed a systematic stock trading strategy. It was interesting - we made significant profits while the market was rising and falling. By 2002, I concluded that I wanted to learn more about Wall Street. Alara and I packed all our stuff into storage and moved to Hoboken, New Jersey. Hoboken is across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Here is the view from Pier A.

Ron Pasternak at Knight Capital Group hired me in May of 2002. Within a couple months, I had my series 7, 63, and 55 licenses. Soon, I joined the trading desk and began making markets in US equities. In late 2006, I started studying the CFA curriculum and earned my charter in 2008.

I am now a Managing Director for the cash trading team at Knight. We provide markets in NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTC listed equities. Aside from trading, I have written several computer programs for Knight, including a very popular research product. I am a stock trader with a technology background.

Outside of work, I am always learning and I hate being bored. I read quite a bit, but mostly things like programming, trading, or math books. I don't watch much TV. I played World of Warcraft for a couple years, but soon I found myself building crazy spreadsheets, log parsers, and web crawlers to perfect my play. It got to be too much, and I quit the game in 2009.

My wife and I don't have any children, but we do have two cats; one named Kitten and the other, Mina.

We like going back to Solana Beach each year to visit friends and family. When I get home, I enjoy surfing at dusk or dawn.

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